One Week with MacBook Air

I received my MacBook Air about a week ago and I am very happy with it. I no longer carry my old MacBook Pro. Instead, I carry my new MBA and iPod Touch. I am waiting for my portable hard disk that will go with it. 64GB just isn’t big enough.

It is incredibly light. Keyboard is just perfect. The only thing is that when it gets hot, it makes pretty bad fan noise. I thought if I get one with a solid state hard disk, there wouldn’t be any moving parts. Apparently, there is one. I wonder if one can design noiseless fan.

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3 thoughts on “One Week with MacBook Air

  1. I am a big apple fan and I am currently using a MacBook. I really want to switch to MacBook Air. The only problem that I have with the MacBook Air is the size of inbuilt hard disk. 64gb is hardly anything. My music itself occupies 40gb. I feel that something close to 150gb will be good.

  2. I like Apple products, just great but the price sometimes is not that i’m ready to pay.
    I’m still thinking what to buy an iPod Shuffle or Sansa Clip. I don’t have lots of music to download and I’ll use my mp3 player for music and/or radio nothing like photos or podcasts. I’ve checked but still can not decide… The same eternal question-price…

  3. I will never get MacBook Air as the primary machine. Once you rule that out, the decision becomes lot easier. I only use it as my writing machine when I travel. Other than that, I am still using my old MacBook Pro, although it is sitting on my desk a lot more frequently nowadays.

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