Shiphol airport Urinal with a fly

This is the famous urinal at the Shiphol airport in Amsterdam. They found that when men find something on the surface of a urinal, they tend to aim better and that way they can keep the cleaning cost in check. Whether it is true or not, this innovation has become popular among airports. You can see a similar one in JFK.


Blackberry 8830

I got Blackberry 8830 World Edition. Alas, it does not support Korean characters, yet. Other than that, it is a nice device. I will how the worldwide e-mail support works when I go to Egypt next week.

Pictures with Geotag

I am experimenting with Nokia N95 for a project. One of the features we are looking at is how people use digitized information about time and space. N95 has integrated GPS system and 5 megapixel digital camera. With this, you can geotag every pictures you take and upload them on Flickr service.

The picture below is taken right outside of the Temple University campus.

And, you can see the map of the picture here. From these experiments, you can begin to see how digitized stream of information can powerfully transform the way we experience time and space collectively.