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I travel a lot and I enjoy it. It is important to travel with right gadgets so that I can continue to work. Recently, I started traveling with my MacBook Air and iPod touch. They are absolutely wonderful travel companions that allow me to continue to write while I am traveling no matter where I am. I can write in hotel rooms, book stores, cafes, or airplanes. And, then there is my Blackberry, which has become even more useful as I figured out how to integrate my Google calendar.


There are other stuff that I am wondering about to experiment with. For example, I wonder how Amazon's Kindle would work out for me. Also, I love taking pictures with my Nikon D80. But, it is too bulky and it does not do geotagging. I wish Nikon would come up with GPS pack for digital SLR cameras. I have other smaller digital cameras (from Sony, Olympus and Cannon — don't ask me why I have so many), but I much rather take pictures with my Nikon and pay the price of carrying its bulky body. My N95 has a built-in GPS and decent 5 mega-pixel camera. When I travel to Europe, I take it with me and occasionally take pictures with it, which automatically uploads pictures to my Flickr account, sometimes in the background without my knowledge. My main complain with D80 is not that it is integrated into my phone, but rather it is not compatible with a GPS device that I have. So, if there is DSLR from Nikon with an integrated GPS support, I will be very tempted. It will irresistible if it comes in a small body.

Based on my own experiences, the notion of all-in-one mobile personal device does not seem to work. I seem to be gravitated toward specific devices that work well for its task, yet play nicely with other devices. Of course, that means I am constantly looking for different bags that I can comfortably carry these stuffs.

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