2 thoughts on “two videos that I will show tomorrow in class

  1. Wonderful videos! The “Do you know” has had many updates, and 4.0 is out. See it at

    I think the version numbers are suspect, but it says it is from Fall 2009. Towards the end, the Kurzweil size and power comparison of computers from building-sized to pocket-sized to blood-cell-sized is quite interesting.

  2. A great video that makes one ponder. What i think it means is: MORE COMPETITION. Too many people fighting for same resources, many people coming up with same or similar ideas.
    This is a dual edged sword, if used correctly, it will lead to pollination of ideas across the boundaries of nation, leading to unprecedented efficiency in the way today’s world functions.
    But if not, will result in concentration of wealth, competitive stress and other civil problems.
    I appreciate you putting such insightful videos online.

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