Two “what-ifs”


What if Samsung buys Dropbox? DropBox is currently estimated with a market valuation of $10 billion. What if Samsung would buy it? If they can, the following could be a possible scenario.

They can integrate DropBox service with 1TB free storage space for every Galaxy phone and TVs that they sell. But why would they do it? Because this can give them a shot at creating a powerful ecosystem of their own.

The combination of hardware and cloud infrastructure for all devices (possibly together with power efficient OS Tizen) can be a game changer for them as it might attract large number of developers for n-device strategy to their ecosystem.


What if Samsung would provide 120GB phones at a price that is competitive, and also increase the overall memory capacity of their phones? This would attract developers to build new types of mobile apps. One of the most challenging parts of mobile app development is memory management. If Samsung can do this with their own SDK that provides a simpler memory management framework, this can be a game changer for some developers, such as mobile game developers that require a lot of memory.

Both of these ideas are based on the idea of creating a new ecosystem that can be potentially attractive to developers.

P.S. These are the randome thoughts that I came up with during the class discussion on digital innovation by design.

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