“Why”, “What”, and “How” of Digital Transformations

“Why”, “What”, and “How” of Digital Transformations Digital Transformations. Every organization — for-profit, non-profit, public, and private — is talking about it. Covid-19 has only accelerated the trend. Just as Covid-19 is a bigger threat to those with underlying health conditions, the economic disruption due to Covid-19 is posting uneven threats to organizations with underlying conditions. Covid-19 as a disease turns chronic conditions into an acute condition in a compressed time scale. Similarly, Covid-19 as an economic condition has amplified the underlying conditions threatening the long-term viability of many organizations; it also has radically accelerated the time horizon of much-needed strategic transformation. Just we need vaccine for Covid-19 that produces antibody in our body, organizations need a digital shot in the arm to build resilience for continuing disruptions that we can expect even after the pandemic. Digital transformation is no longer a long-term strategic issue. It is a clear and present challenge that is upon us now.

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