Shiphol airport Urinal with a fly

This is the famous urinal at the Shiphol airport in Amsterdam. They found that when men find something on the surface of a urinal, they tend to aim better and that way they can keep the cleaning cost in check. Whether it is true or not, this innovation has become popular among airports. You can see a similar one in JFK.


Blackberry 8830

I got Blackberry 8830 World Edition. Alas, it does not support Korean characters, yet. Other than that, it is a nice device. I will how the worldwide e-mail support works when I go to Egypt next week.

Scratch — a wonderful open source programming platform for kids

I just came across scratch, a programming environment developed by people at MIT media lab. It is wonderfully designed, fun, pleasant and powerful program environment, specifically designed for kids to learn how to program. I downloaded it and showed it to Daniel (11 years old), in few minutes he started making his own games and animations. It is an open source environment so kids can peek into how other more mature programmers wrote their program and learn from them and try to improve them. It also has tagging and ranking feature, just like YouTube. In fact, the user interface of the web site looks just like YouTube. It also has tremendous educational possibilities for kids to express their ideas in a rich-media environment. The project was funded NSF. This is a wonderful use of the taxpayers’ money.