Link to May 9 Archive

In my short interview with the Philadelphia Inquirer, I mentioned an archive of the e-mail messages that we exchanged on May 9, 2003. I learned that it was not just me who browsed through the archive when the news about Virginia Tech shooting broke out. The messages show solidarity, love and care more than anything else. One message that was not archived but should have been is the following one:

Dear All
I heard that Professor Yoo YoungJin is in the MBA building right now. I have no idea whether he is safe or not. I hope he is safe. If I have a new information about him, I will send email to you. Please All KGSA members, pray for him and his family.


P.S. if the hostage continues overnight, the soccer game will be cancelled. I will let you know

This message was from the president of Korean Graduate Student Association at Case Western Reserve University at that time. I laughed so hard when I received the message because of the reference to the cancellation of the soccer game.

campus shooting

Yesterday’s shooting at Virginia Tech is just horrible. I just learned that the shooter was a 1.5 generation Korean-American. I feel so sorry for those who suffer from this tragedy. I just hope and pray something good will come out of this incident.

It reminds me of the afternoon of May 9, 2003. I just hope that the day will come that we don’t have to face this type of horror on campus ever again.