Presentation at AcademyHills @ Roppongi Hills


celebrating work

I came across a presentation by Mike Rowe at TED. I never watched his program on Discovery, but I can’t agree more with him as he talks about the importance of work — simple work that is repetitive, physical, laborious and, yes, often dirty. He talks about the necessity of boring physical work of soldering circuit board in order to complete the wonderful design of iPhones. He mentions the “War on Work” that was declared in our society at all level.

Celebrating work means that we focus more on creating the real stuff than focusing on creating wealth through derivatives. Celebrating work means that we also respect and honor the materials that we come to contact with at our work. Celebrating work means that we recognize the importance of quirky and idiosyncratic nature of work practices over generalizable abstract “knowledge”. Celebrating work means, in fact, knowledge resides in the work itself.

It is a short presentation that is worth watching.