Digital Transformation of Urban Experiences

On November 1-3, I am organizing a design research workshop on the theme of Digital Transformation of Urban Experiences. (Note: A new web site is currently designed. What you will see is a temporary place holder). We will have about 50 scholars and practitioners from many different fields to explore how we might be able to use various forms of digital technology to radical improve our everyday experiences in cities. I am glad to have Bill Mitchell from MIT Media Lab and Kalle Lyytinen as two keynote speakers. In addition, there are many exciting people who have agreed to come. I will continue to post as the preparation continues.

One of the perks of preparing the workshop is various people that I came to meet. These are people who are passionate about what they do. These are people who make differences in the lives of others through their work. I am often humbled by their questions, yet at the same time encouraged by their support.

As the topic of the workshop is a broad one, I necessarily need to meet people in a wide spectrum. Bringing these people with diverse perspectives together in their richest possible form without loosing the integrity of their ideas and passion for their cause is a daunting design challenge.

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2 thoughts on “Digital Transformation of Urban Experiences

  1. Youngjin, this conference sounds great. I’m actually located in Philadelphia. Before that I was in Ann Arbor. I actually did TA work for Malcolm McCullough who I believe is attending your conference. If there is any extra room, I would love to attend. Recently I’ve been doing some work with Virtual Worlds, which I think are going to have direct (app/imp)lications on Mirror Worlds and the urban digital space. Have fun in Helsinki.

  2. Glad to find your blog through Iis Tussadiyah’s blog!
    The workshop sounds really great. I wish to be there (but I won’t, ugh). As digital tech becomes more and more portable, indeed they are becoming more embedded in people’s everyday life experiences in urban space. So, design should reflect and be informed by urban experiences.
    Good luck with this great event! I certainly will check on the next workshop.

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