Fox Design Studio in Second Life

Currently I am working with two master students to construct experimental teaching facilities in Second Life. We purchased an Island and we began building “physical” facilities. Discussing what we want to “build” there is very interesting as it feels almost as if we are engaging in some type of a real construction project. Well, perhaps it is a real project, except that it is virtual. So, the whole meaning of real takes a new spin.

At any rate, among many ideas, we are going to build a design studio where our students will come and build new products in Second Life. We will also construct a library and students will add their own books — their blogs, electronic books or articles, or links to a web site that has useful contents. We will need to build a social place. There we should allow people to play their music, perform drama, or just come in and relax. Unfortunately, much of this will be done behind a private wall. So, public won’t be able to see it. It is mostly because Second Life has capacity limit. In order to provide open access to the public, we will set up a public area where anyone can stop by. There will be a video screen that shows what is going on inside. We will allow public to get a Day Pass to have field tour at our Design Studio.

The studio will be ready by early January next year. So, drop me a note — I will send you an invitation when it is ready.


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